10645 Randolph Street, Winfield, Indiana 46307 (219) 662-2665

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Welcome to the Town of Winfield

Utility Work

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On November 3rd NIPSCO will be commencing work from

8406 to 9001 E. 109th Ave.


There may be traffic delays.  This is predicted to last

approximately three weeks.




Fall Clean-Up Day

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Town of Winfield

Annual Fall Clean-Up

Saturday, October 25, 2014

9:00 am – 12:00 pm


·        Dumpsters ( NO hazardous waste, white goods or tires)

·        Electronic Recycling (Limited to 3 items)

·        Goodwill

·        Salvation Army

·        Industrial Paper Shredder

·        Latex Paint Recycling

·        FREE Mulch – bring your own container and shovel


Local Food Pantry with non-perishable food items or cleaning supplies and

Lake County Animal Shelter with pet food, supplies, and blankets.

Location: Winfield Government Complex

***Back Parking Lot***

10645 Randolph Street

Winfield, IN 46307


(219) 662-2665



Winfield Text Program

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The Town of Winfield now has a FACEBOOK PAGE

Like our page and become a follower!




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The Town of Winfield trick or treating hours for this year will be on Friday, October 31st from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Halloween is a cherished tradition but the excitement of the night can cause children to forget to be careful. There is no real "trick" to making Halloween a real treat for the entire family. The major dangers are not from witches or spirits but rather from falls and pedestrian/car crashes.


Halloween is such a fun time of year for kids and adults alike, so its important that we take some precautions to keep it that way! Here's a list of trick or treating tips for your family.

Wear comfortable shoes!!

Carry a flashlight .

Wear something with a reflector on it.

Go out before dark-especially for little ones. The big kids tend to flood the streets later at night making it hard for little ones to trick or treat.

Never go into a strangers house, even if they ask you to come in while they go and get some candy.

Throw away all homemade or unwrapped treats. I know some people work hard on making great home made treats, but remember most cases of kids finding razor blades in their candy or popcorn ball is an urban legend. However, in this day and age, its not worth the risk!

When walking down the street, have the adult walk closest to the road and the children closest to the houses.

Do not run ahead of the adults.  It's very easy for children to get carried away and accidentally run into the road.

Do not pet strange animals while trick or treating. Though you really shouldn't ever pet someone's animal with out being invited to do so, you especially shouldn't during trick or treating where your costume or other costumes may be irritating or confusing to the animal.

Do not eat candy as you go.

Always be nice, even when people do not have any candy to give out.

Do not knock on doors where the lights are off.

Watch where you step!

Have a plan before you start.  If you are walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood, it is easy to get lost.

When you approach a treat giving house, make sure to say "Trick or Treat!" very loudly!

When you get home, check all of the candy before allowing children to eat any of it.

You are looking for:

* old worn wrappers
* torn wrappers (even with the smallest hole)
* home made treats
* unwrapped treats
* toys with small parts that may be a chocking hazard
* money (change)
* fruit
* any candy that looks like it may have been tampered with.
* for small children, remove any hard candies. They tend to become slick once in the mouth and can quickly become a choking hazard.
* lick-able stamps
* glass or sharp objects

If you find any of the above mentioned items, its best to discard them-trust me, there will still be plenty of treats to go around afterwards!!

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!!!!





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